" My customers appreciate the finest materials, amenities, and finishes, as well as advanced hydraulic systems, built-in cleaning programs and computer controls that link into home automation. We also provide complete pool service to our clients after the construction is complete." - Bret Benninghoff

Superior Pools provides it's clients with the latest in pool technological innovation, custom design, and access to exceptional materials. He is an expert in the design and construction of vanishing edge and perimeter overflow pools and spas.

Superior Pools uses a combination of salt water with ozone generating systems to sanitize the pool and keep the water looking and feeling fresh and clean. Salt water is a natural chlorine that keeps the pool free of algae. The ozone acts as an oxidizer, eating away all other foreign particles suspended in the water. Together you get a more complete water management system, providing the ultimate in healthy soft and silky water. Benninghoff was one of the first in Atlanta to introduce this healthy alternative, which pays for itself in two to three years, compared to traditional manufactured chlorine systems. He is also skilled at incorporating fog or misting systems around the pool areas. Not only do they turn your pool into a magical oasis, they also drastically cool down areas around the pool in sweltering Southern heat during the summer months.

Bret's 20+ years of experience in the pool industry gives him a keen eye for custom design, and unique features. He is knowledgeable with modern applications of elegant and durable materials, like limestone, bluestone, granite, travertine, and glass tiles. Through his years in the industry he has created relationships with many specialty suppliers.

We offer a wide array of tilling and coping materials, anything from basic ceramic tile with concrete coping to custom handmade glass tiles with limestone coping. We will work with you to find the best solution to fit your budget, taste, and lifestyle.

From no pool decking to the most elegant of stones, Superior Pools can offer you pool patio selections to broom finish concrete to cut Pennsylvania bluestone.